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Catholic and Muslim inmates dance together for the Pope at the Rebibbia prison

Rome, Vatican City

Flash mob in Italian jail pays tribute to Pope Francis - Video flash mob:

Female detainees in Rome's Rebibbia penitentiary dedicated a flash mob to Pope Francis. Under the slogan "Pope is Pop", the women performed a zumba-style routine of spins, funky steps and arm swings to "Pope is Pop", a song written about the pontiff by Italian composer Igor Nogarotto. Some 50 women of all kinds of nationalities - Albanian, American, Armenian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Brazilian, Canadian, Chilean, Filipino, Italian, Liberian, Nigerian, South American, Tanzanian - and especially of different religion Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist (and atheist) dance together for the Pope, in the first flash mob history in an Italian prison

"I am not religious" said Igor Nogarotto, "but this pope has an amazing charisma. He is humble and close to the people and he doesn't conform to stereotype"

From ANSA Italy --- From ANSA Brasil

"This Pope is of all of us and with all of us" said a muslim inmate

Inmates are united in a demonstration to achieve a Pope, a sign that the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups and different religious faith not a utopia, but it can be realized and this flash mob is the the first concrete sign that this can happen, in the spirit of what professes Pope Francis, both from the pulpit of St. Peter and in his speeches in his travels around the world, as happened in the recent trip to the United States and Cuba.

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Clip Teleambiente (more 10.000)

Flash mob "POPPERS " Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City

Rome 2015, year of Jubilee

POPE IS POP: "Starting a revolution"

The Poppers movement is a group that originates from the spontaneous aggregation of people who wish to participate in the flash mobs we organize: this adhesion occurs both via social networks and directly on the road

No restrictions of any kind: neither geographical nor cultural, religious, social class, age, sexual orientation... it includes company executives and songwriters... because the goal of the project is to be together, to achieve human contact outside the "plastic" web ("face to face" instead of "face to Facebook") and create a community on the road, overcoming any fundamentalism, and creating together events that convey "contagious positivity", in full "Franciscan spirit", through POP aggregators such as Music and Dance

In the POPE IS POP group we find people of various nationalities: American, Congolese, Russian, French, Cuban, Italian... there are some gay members, and there are representatives of religions other than Catholic: all this is possible because the "POPE is POP" project is not "necessarily Catholic": what we have in common is the admiration for Pope Francis as a PERSON, for his humbleness, his charisma, his humor, his straightforwardness, his simplicity, his message that embraces and binds different cultures, far beyond his institutional role

Unlike other purists groups & projects, and catholic fundamentalists, we are not fans of just any Pope: we are only fans of THIS Pope! The author of "POPE is POP" Igor Nogarotto said: "Since the time of St. Francis of Assisi we have not encountered such a strong, sensitive and charismatic personality" and "I would never have written "POPE is POP" for Pope Ratzinger" and "This Pope is realizing the opening of the church that so many of us have waited for"



"POPE IS POP" is the name of the flash mob for Pope Francis going mainstream in Rome! Inspired by his charisma (in the year of Jubilee) thousands of people spread his message by dancing from the Vatican all the way to Piazza di Spagna, flocking through the underground and the shops, and gathering in the streets to create a "face to face" (rather than "face to facebook") community. And following the spirit of Franciscan solidarity, after the flash mob taking place in the Viale Beethoven post office the POPE IS POP group collectively chips in to help an elderly pensioner pay her electricity bill

POPE is POP, the song of POPE FRANCIS
La canzone di Papa Francesco


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Official Video:

Based on an idea by Igor Nogarotto
Produced by SAMIGO
Project Manager
Igor Nogarotto
Directed by Igor Nogarotto
Choreographer & Prima Ballerina Alessandra Abbattista
Camera Operators Giuseppe Foderaro, Gianni Efrati
Edited by Sara Zavarise
Director of Photography Frankenstein Senior
Music by Igor Nogarotto, Gabriele Massa, Marco Soria, Marica Canavese

Thanks to Dancers, Partners & Friends Alessandra Abbattista, Aurora Angeletti, Giuseppe Foderaro, Gianni Efrati, Sara Zavarise, Daniela Lucchetti, Ezio Fuschi Marinelli, Tobia Fuschi Marinelli, Luca Montesano, Alessandro Battista, Giulia Patino, Caterina Rossi, Livia Petraroli, Luigi Leonetti, Vitali Provera, Elisabetta Rossi, Simona Borseti, Roberto Petullá, Ivan Colosimo, Daniela Contino, Luisella Daziano, Manuela La Mantea, Vittorio Balbi, Laura De Sio, Lorenzo Parise, Laura Debolini, Dario Lucchetti, Patrizia Breschi, Cosmina Schiau, TOTA, Francesco Paco Grasso, Andrea L’e Piazza Euclide 45… and THANK YOU POPE FRANCIS!

POPE is POP (Lyrics & Music by Igor Nogarotto)
Please don't cry, don't run away, take your time, look deep inside, Hallelujah, hallelujah
So tonight you are not alone Francis is there everywhere, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Pope is pop, Pope is popular, Pope is pop, Our hope is Pope, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Feel your heart and dance whit him live your passions save your dreams, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Pope is pop, Pope is popular, Pope is pop, Our hope is Pope, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Play the disco in San Francisco, tout le monde chantera avec Pape François, Hallelujah, hallelujah
Pope is pop, Pope is popular, Pope is pop, Our Pope is hope, Hallelujah, hallelujah

IL PAPA E' POP (Testo e Musica di Igor Nogarotto)
Per favore non piangere, non fuggire via lontano, prenditi il tuo tempo, guardati dentro, Alleluia, alleluia
Così questa notte tu non sei solo, Francesco è lì con te, ovunque tu sia, Alleluia, alleluia
Il Papa è pop Il Papa è popolare Il Papa è pop La nostra speranza è il Papa, Alleluia, alleluia
Ascolta il tuo cuore e danza con lui al suo ritmo, vivi le tue passioni, salva il tuoi sogni, Alleluia, alleluia
Il Papa è pop Il Papa è di tutti Il Papa è pop La nostra speranza è il Papa, Alleluia, alleluia
Risuona la discoteca a San Francisco, tutto il mondo canterà con Papa Francesco, Alleluia, alleluia
Il Papa è pop Il Papa è popolare Il Papa è pop Il nostro Papa è speranza, Alleluia, alleluia
Papa non ti fermare Papa non ti fermare Papa non ti fermare

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